​​​​​  B R A C I N G  F O R  I M P A C T: 

 True Tales of Air Disasters and the People Who Survived Them                   

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Lindy Philip is an artist with 20 years of marketing and advertising experience.  Lindy also has a personal insight into surviving a plane crash in a four-seat Cessna along with the pilot and her husband. The life-changing event led Lindy into a life and role of motherhood, which fate predicted.  
Lindy lives on Vancouver Island with her survivor husband Ben on an acreage outside Victoria with her two teenage sons, and two goats. An avid traveler and gardener, and artist Lindy too has a lot of energy and zest for life.

Robin Suerig Holleran is a full-time freelance writer with 20 years experience.  For most of her life, Robin had deluded herself that statistically she was one of the safest people to fly with after her step-grandfather was killed in a PanAm accident in Brazil.  But her father and brother also survived two separate crashes!  She won Honorable Mention at the 75th Writer’s Digest Writing Competition for a personal essay about the plane crash entitled “Did you think you were going to die?”
Robin is a single mother with three kids in college, a dog, two cats, one lizard and a lot of energy

​​​About the Authors

​​​​About the Book

For those who belong to the elite and unenviable club of people who’ve actually survived a plane crash, talking about the ordeal is not always easy.  Bracing for Impact is a collection of true experiences told by survivors of both commercial and private plane crashes.  In addition to recounting the actual event, the book looks at the repercussions a near-death experience can have on a survivor.